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The guy below me in general is a repetitive ass who probably sounds like a rhinoceros. He must of saw his mother take a dump on his father while listening to dubsteb to ruin his life a little bit extra.

I am not a huge fan of this genre either, I found the song through the all time top scoring thingy, but I do realize the talent that is needed to make a song like this because I've tried making my own songs, and they sound like shit.
I actually think this song sounds pretty good; it sounds different from any generic heavy metal I've ever heard.

I probably wouldn't have bothered to write a review, but I feel Mr. repetitive ruined life rhinoceros man deserves a character review.

Its 0/10.
I weep for the unfortunate souls that are his parents.

anyway, good song, talented artist.
Haters gunna hate,
keep doing your thing. (I know I don't have to tell you that)

ThermalLaser responds:

Hey thanks man! I appreciate your words and I try my best to create my music the way I feel it!... you are absolutely right! Haters are gunna hate! It's just part of the game! AHHHAHA!

Your soundwave vocals need more hyperplex.

Hello there,
I am an expert at all music with a double masters degree in music theory and rhythm coagulation, and you have been graced with my educated review.
First off I'd like to say that this is a very good song, but it could be better in several areas.
The "oooh" to instrument ratio is not maintained properly, it should always be held at a strict 30/70.
The song lacks a good hyperplex if you know what I mean, but you probably don't because it's complicated stuff that only a professor of music such as myself would know.
The sound waves are slightly askew.
One good thing about the song is that it has a nice flow, after one note is hit another note follows immediately after. This creates the distinct music sound in your song.
You could use a few more G notes, the more G notes the song has, the better the song will be as expressed by the formula: (song)+G>(song)-G.
The mastering is mediocre; it could be better. I could not even hear the trumpet.
I give you props for deciding to use the Arabian rhythmic scale for most of your song, it was a fine choice.
I'm starting to babble on now, although I'm sure you would love to hear more of my criticism to better yourself in the future, I really must be going as I have many important music related events to attend.
based on initial listening this song received a 7/10
"oooh" to instrument ratio -1
lack of a hyperplex -1
askew sound waves -1
nice flow +2
scarce G notes -1
mastering -1
Arabian rhythmic scale +1
Putting up with my bullshit +5

Overall Rating 10/10

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